WAKE IN FRIGHT ☠ EP out now!

What should have been a simple remix for my mate’s band Alex Elbery and the Strangers ended up turning into a huge project. Once I’d worked up an epic version of their single Kangaroo, I realized it had a sound to it that stirred up a story in me.

I totalled my hatchback on a kangaroo in the middle of the Nullabor Plain a few years ago, driving home from Adelaide Fringe with Ayden Doherty. It was maybe the weirdest few days of my life and there are a lot of contenders for that title.

So it’s become an EP with four accompanying videos which I’m holding off on until the new year. They’re coming up pretty amazing-lookin’. Ze Rebelle, Jamie Mykaela, Ayden Doherty and Alex all appear… hell, I even had my brother out in the bush filming with a drone at one point. A big project.

The EP itself is out now on Spotify and all the other streaming services - check in with it, it’s a weird trip that ends with an all-timer of a synthpop banger called Opulence.