Wake In Fright.jpg

Wake In Fright

by Tomás Ford remodels Alex Elbery And The Strangers

A new EP of Perth-based iconoclast Tomás Ford’s radical remodellings of alt-folk troubadours Alex Elbery & The Strangers, "Wake In Fright".

The songs are bent into the service of the true story of Tomás crashing his Hyundai Getz into a kangaroo on the Nullabor Plain in 2015.

Alex Elbery and The Strangers is the solo project of Melbourne-based alt-folk songwriter Alex Elbery, mixing his vocals with raw live instrumentation and electronics.

Tomás Ford is a late night fringe festival rumour-come-true. His midnight multimedia electro-punk cabaret extravaganzas have earned him a huge cult following in Edinburgh and fringe festivals around the world.

The first release on new Perth-based audio & video label "Normal Place.", recently launched at the WAM Festival. The labels' focus is on supporting fringe festival legends and live music scene weirdos, building a new league of underground Australian musical icons.