Tomás Ford - Edinburgh Wind [Landscape] [Final] - By Alexis Dubus.jpg

Tomás Ford is A WEIRDO.


Hi. I’m Tomás Ford. The heading is probably right. I’m a weirdo.

My thing is making you laugh by stirring up the kinda anarchy that’s like a hard reset button for your brain.

I make shows, throw parties, write songs and release stupid videos.

You might’ve seen me as a hyperactive clown DJ at Crap Music Rave Party, cranking up tension as the toxic spy-Dad of Chase!, ruining pop music history in Craptacular, being a punk rock firestarter at my pub shows & late night Electric Cabaret, curating lineups & festivals of the best weirdos I know or weirding up your Instagram feed.

I pretty much make all the music, video and shows myself. DIY for life. As much as I can, anyway. Though I’m lucky to have a regular gang of rad mates that I pull in to help me when I need to.

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Tomás Ford Is Always On Tour.


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