Grab your mates, think of a horrible song to request and hit the dance floor for the dumbest party ever! Tomás Ford is the world’s most hyperactive DJ, lipsynching his way through the night, projecting home-made rave-style videos, donning Red Dot-level costumes, flashing DIY hardware store disco lights with his hands, improvising drag shows and clowning his butt off to keep you laughing through the whole night.

The music depends on how craptastic the crowd wanna get, but we’re talking about nasty stuff like 5ive, 2 Unlimited, Boney M, The Potbelleez, Russian lesbian sisters, Barry Manilow, novelty Youtube hits, Human Nature, skate park dubstep, Peter Combe, Britney Spears rapping in an English accent, 80’s movie themes, Billy Ray Cyrus, any of the other Cyrus family members, Limp Bizkit, Hall & Oates, Savage Garden, Crazy Frog, your little sisters’ One Direction records, bloody Gangnam Style… so long as it’s crap and everyone can dance (or at least sing) to it, Tomás will drop any bad request like the party weapon it isn’t.

Crap Music Rave Party has sold out shows around the world, including four massive years at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and mega tours around New Zealand, Australia and the UK. It’s the most gloriously silly idea he’s ever come up with (which is a pretty big call if you’ve seen one of his other shows). 2019 sees the show touring with new video projections, an array of crummy new costumes and tons of new bad ideas.


If you wanna have Tomás play at your event, venue or private function, he’d love to chat about that - hit him up for a chat about it over on the contact form.