Oh, I have a website now.

Hey there. I appear to have accrued a website. If you’re a regular Tomás Ford-watcher, you’ll know I’m all over the social media at the moment, as things are heating up to a walloping multiple project smackdown on the face of 2019. It’s a really exciting time here, if a little bit mentally hectic.

But yeah, follow me on these things if you haven’t and you wanna:
Instagram @tomasfordofficial
Twitter: @tomasford

The first release for 2019 will be the beset-by-annoying-technical-errors webseries of WAKE IN FRIGHT. The EP that goes with them is already available for you to stream on Spotify and all of the things, so look it up on whatever you like :D

See you soon with a bunch of new stuff and a ridiculously huge announcement on New Years’ Day of the big metaproject that all this junk is part of.