WhAt Is A “Tomás Ford”?

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A Tomás Ford LOVES YOU

International party icon and cult cabaret crooner Tomás Ford tours Australia, New Zealand and Europe with his collection of thrillingly weird spectacles and parties. Tomás' shows mix unusual electronic music, unusual video projections, suave-ish cabaret crooning and irrepressible antics. It makes for a pretty ridiculous kinda night out.

Tomás is a weathered veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe and part of the furniture (even as he crowdsurfs over it) at a ton of others. He’s left behind him a chaotic trail of sold-out shows and awards, while simultaneously managing to self-manage, produce and program a run of huge award winning venues (the first three years of Noodle Paalace, iidlandia, Hubbub) and stages at comedy, music and arts festivals.

He’s a busy boy.

Alongside his live shows, his comedy club night Crap Music Rave Party has become a massive draw; mixing clowning, multiple discount shop costume changes, lo-fi stop-motion visuals and endless messing around with the audience, these nights are some of the dumbest events in the world. Tomás’ DJ’ing style involves making himself into the biggest idiot in the room, so that everyone else can let loose.

His distinctive performance style has built over fifteen years of testing bad ideas against audiences in Australia's roughest music pubs and warehouse parties. Early successes like national tours with the Big Day Out and as opener for straight-boy rockers Birds Of Tokyo set him up for a weird ride of a career. He’s since released two albums, a bazillion pretty viral videos and collaborations with a huge range of artists from Warp Records’ John Callaghan to Malaysian popstar Ze Rebelle.

Speaking of Malaysia, in 2016, he semi-accidentally became a bona-fide viral sensation there with a series of Malay language videos. He’ll finally be touring there in 2019, having finally figured out how to do it.

Tomás also heads fringe-of-the-fringe content label Normal Place, which is ramping up for a huge 2019. Having started life as a pop-up venue, it evolved into a record label before shapeshifting into its’ new form as a video-on-demand service focusing on fringe-of-the-fringe artists. A Netflix for wierdos, if you will.

Following his new The Essential Tomás Ford compilation (out Feb 6), his insanely long in development new album and web series Chase! starts unfurling soon, preceded by an EP of Contemporary Breakdancing Classics. There’s also the just-nearly-finished audiovisual nullabor-crossing nightmare Wake In Fright.

If you happen to be visiting his isolated hometown of Paerth, check out one of his regular hometown institutions like the monthly cabaret showcase Friday Night Fringe. Or, in the meanwhile, catch him on his never-ending international tour. He’s probably starting a party in some delightfully edge-of-the-earth regional town right now. Go to him. You’ll wanna be there when you do.


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