Thanks for pre-saving the album!


Your music service will add it to your playlist on the day - I’m going to do a big online launch party that night (Australian time), look for the info below and tune in!

It’s super-rad to know you’ve got my tunes ready to go - since my music is a cult-as-hell, niche-as-niche, fringe-of-the-fringe thing, I rely on this kind of word of mouth type stuff. So, if you’ve got mates who you’ve experienced the shared trauma of one of my live shows at or who otherwise might just like a bit of my kind of weird in their life, it’d be awesome if you could shoot ‘em the pre-save link:

In the meantime, here’s some info about some stuff I’m doing to launch this bad-ass bit of goodness…


album launchin’ facebook livestream!

Broadcasting on Facebook Live on the Tomás Ford facebook page (ie on Monday March 11 from 6-9pm, tune in for a big online party to celebrate the launch of this thing. I’ll be performing new/unexpected/awesome versions of the songs from the album, answering questions, taking challenges and generally having a big dumb stupid good time with you.


Perth/Malaysia: 6-9pm - East Coast Australia: 9-12pm
New Zealand: 11pm-2am - UK (GMT): 10am-1pm
West Coast USA: 6am-9am - East Coast USA: 5am-8am



I’ve been out since New Years’ on a big tour with Crap Music Rave Party around Australia and there’s heaps more of that coming up, plus a big NZ tour and a couple of rad festivals!

I’ll be some shows around Oz/NZ over the next bit and should be back up in the UK mid-year (it’s been tricky to get up there in the last wee while). Plus I’ll be running around Malaysia for a bit, in a way that I’ll be able to talk about real real soon.

Pretty excited to get out and do some of my song-n-dance multimedia spectacle techno nightmare things in other cities. It’s a nice thing. 2018 was kind of a bizarre ride in Fordland, but it’s lead to a pretty epic 2019. Come play visits with me.

If I’m coming to your town and you’re on my mailing list, I’ll usually drop you a wee line, so join up to that if you’ve got a sec by clicking below. And make sure you let your email client know not to send it straight to Trash, even if that folder might be my spiritual home.


Agh! NEW music out IN 2019!

I’ve got a bit of a pipeline of other records coming out this year, so it’s nice to have this compilation out as a bit of a way of setting the scene.

My EP from November (the one where I tore songs by Alex Elbery & The Strangers into my own making) called Wake In Fright, finally has its’ videos rolling out soon. The technical hurdles on that have been huge, but OH MAN HAVE I LEARNED STUFF. You can listen to that one now on Spotify and Apple Music along with a select bunch of my other stuff.

Then I’ve got a stupid thing called Contemporary Breakdancing Classics, which is what it says. And my “Netflix-For-Weirdos” video-on-demand service Normal Place. ramps up soon with a big fundraiser to launch our mega platform, and that’s going to FINALLY feature my spy thriller Chase!

It’s a relief/exciting/nervewrecking/excellent to finally be unleashing all of this recorded STUFF. Can’t wait to show it to you. Wahoooo!

if your pals might like my kinda thing, send ‘em to: