The Essential Tomás Ford

by Tomás Ford


Perth’s own international party icon Tomás Ford has honed his mix of punk rock attitude, debauched cabaret crooning and heavy-hitting dance music since the year 2000. You’d think that’d be long enough to have already had a greatest hits – but he’s done his level best not to have any of those. That’s OK, when you put his finest moments over eighteen years together for a hell of a retrospective, which he’s launching with his biggest ever party at Fremantle’s Newport Hotel on Friday March 15.

Ford’s live shows are legendary around Australia, New Zealand and the UK for their mix of pulsing electronic beats, alternative cabaret crooning, David Lynch-loving visuals and a punk rock sense of humour. It’s only after going to one of his ridiculous live shows or his cult Crap Music Rave Parties that you can really describe his peculiarly ecstatic kind of intensity - it leaves audiences a little shellshocked and sporting a huge grin.

From a start touring dive bars, back-alley pubs and the Lilypad stage of the Big Day Out, he’s built a career that’s spanned sold-out shows around the world, becoming an Edinburgh Fringe institution, being covered by Electric Six, multiple album and CD releases, flying somewhere to make a kooky party happen almost every weekend and revelling in being the biggest weirdo in Perth. Last week he won a Malaysian ARIA Award (!!) - the VIMA Award for “Best Dance Release”.

The compilation is out on your favorite streaming service on Monday March 11 via Normal Place./Mysteria Maxima Media. There’ll be huge launch party on Friday March 15 at Fremantle’s Newport Hotel and an online launch party on the 11th.