We Are Making A Normal Place.

A project I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for a couple of years now is starting to come to fruition - Normal Place is a subscription streaming video-on-demand service, curating the best fringe comedians, underground performers and cult musical heroes into one place.

I’ve been working with a small team on getting this thing together, and there’s nothing at all like it in the space at the moment. Sure, there’s plenty of places to watch standup online, but we’re out on our own trip with this one and it feels really exciting.

We’re crowdfunding at the moment, with every donation up to $10,000 being matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by Creative Partnerships Australia. Check out our video above and have a look at our campaign on Pozible, it’s got quite a few good lolz in it.. See if you might be able to support this cool weird new thing - I’ll be super stoked if you do.