Asialink Creative Exchange! I'm Goin' To Malaysia!

Walao eh! More news on the Malaysian front - I've been awarded an Asialink Creative Exchange to work on a bunch of new songs for a live show I’m going to tour around the country! We're still hammering in all the details but it looks like I'll be splitting time between George Town Festival and KL Performing Arts Centre, which is super-rad. I am so excited about this, and it's lined up beautifully with getting Dance Song Of The Year with Ze Rebelle at the VIMA Music Awards this month.

I’m frantically studying Malay to try and get my brain a bit more around the language, hooking up co-writing sessions with collaborators and scheming out a showmaking process in a way that feels luxurious for a guy that usually just sits in his room having multiple anxiety attacks at his laptop until a show comes out. Like, there is proper research and development happening on this one.

It's taken such a long time to make something works, but if you’re one of Malaysian fans, saya tidak sabar untuk berjumpa dengan anda!